Lacquer thinner


Product name Features

NTX lacquer thinner

Environmentally friendly

No.100 lacquer thinner

Highest grade lacquer thinner with higher dissolving power than №5000

No.5000 lacquer thinner

Strong dissolving power and quick drying

RA-50 lacquer thinner

Stronger dissolving power than RA-60

RA-60 lacquer thinner

Standard goods. Good dissolving power and relatively inexpensive

Class 2 lacquer thinner

A type of thinner that is slow to dry with the 2nd Petroleum Act of the Fire Service Act

No.2010 lacquer thinner

Low odor type

SS-5 lacquer thinner

Inexpensive type

RS-5 lacquer thinner

Recovered and distilled product


Antifoggant at high humidity

Retarder thinner

Slow-drying agent at high temperatures



tin oil can oil drum container tank truck
16L 200L 1000L

Lacquer paint and thinner

The main component of the lacquer paint is nitrocellulose.
The feature is that it is a thin film, quick-drying and easy to paint.
Since the advantages are quick drying and good work efficiency, thinner is formulated with a solvent that dries to a certain degree.
The dilution amount is generally diluted with the same amount of thinner as the paint.
Disadvantages can absorb moisture and cause fogging under high humidity conditions.
In such cases, non-brushing can be avoided by adding a small amount of antifoggant.
Also, under high temperature conditions, the surface may look like itchy skin, which can happen because it dries too quickly.In such a case, the problem can be solved by adding a solvent that delays drying.



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