Chemical substance regulation in China


Updated: About China GB Standards (VOC regulations 2020)

What are the chemical substance regulations in China?

On August 12, 2015, there was an explosion accident at a chemical warehouse at Tianjin Port.

Since the accident, the government has begun to tighten crackdowns in China to reassess its management system by clarifying who is responsible for managing hazardous chemical substances and implementing effective controls.


In China, dangerous goods laws are becoming stricter year by year.

Audits and inspections of dangerous chemical substances are expected to increase, and examination standards are expected to become stricter for registration of new chemical substances.


Therefore, companies must strengthen the management system in compliance with the law regarding the export of industrial chemical substances to China, the management of inventory and issue when producing and using in China, and the registration of new substances.


However, there is a difference in correspondence depending on the region (province), and we recommend that you check the situation each time.



Direction of dangerous chemicals management

In December 2016, the State Council promulgated the “Comprehensive Action Plan on the Safety Control of Hazardous Chemicals” and began strengthening instruction to manage dangerous chemicals safely.

This plan is scheduled to proceed in three stages, and we are currently advancing the first stage of completing the formulation of the “Hazardous Chemicals Safety Law” by March 2018.

By the end of 2019, all stages will be cleared and it will be deployed throughout China.


I picked up some notable points in this plan.

Risk investigation

Based on the “Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals”, the risks of each industry are thoroughly investigated.

Inspections and audits will be focused on areas that can be particularly serious hazards.


Risk isolation

The “catalog of highly hazardous chemicals”, which is said to be particularly dangerous among hazardous chemicals, will be established to strengthen the crackdown on the following serious hazards:

  • Chemical industry complex
  • Dangerous cargo transportation
  • Natural gas pipe

In addition, dangerous chemical producers must relocate from populated areas.


Construction of management system

Government enforcement (inspections, audits, penalties) and stricter regulations are expected to increase.

It is necessary to clarify the person in charge of management and the scope of their responsibilities and establish a thorough management system.



As China’s response to hazardous chemicals is going to change drastically in the future, as mentioned earlier, it is necessary to check the status frequently and prepare and respond early.


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