Working Environment Measurement Act



In Japanese legally designated workplaces, designated workplaces, measurement items, and measurement standards, for which work environment measurements must be carried out, are stipulated. It is to be carried out by an in-house working environment measurer or outsourced to a work environment measurement institution.

In addition, the record of the measurement result must be retained for the period specified by law.



Designated workplace

  1. Indoor workplaces where specific dust work is performed and indoor workplaces where asbestos or a preparation containing asbestos is manufactured or handled
  2. Radioactive material handling work room
  3. Indoor workplaces that manufacture or handle 34 organic substances among the specified chemical substances Class 1 and 2, and coke manufacturing workshops
  4. Indoor workplaces that manufacture or handle eight inorganic metal-based substances among the specified chemical substances Class 1 and 2, and workplaces that carry out lead operations
  5. Workplaces that manufacture or handle 47 substances out of the 1st and 2nd organic solvents




If you are obliged to measure the working environment using organic solvents, it is a good idea to switch to solvents and cleaning agents other than those designated by the 1st and 2nd organic solvents of Ordinance on Prevention of Organic Solvent Poisoning.



We manufacture many such environmentally friendly solvents.




Revision of the work environment measurement method / Revision of the administrative control levels of the work environment evaluation standard


Applicable date

April 1, 2009



Main contents

Change of specific chemical substances

Change of administrative control levels of specified chemical substances

Review of sampling method and analysis method in work environment measurement standards



Excerpts about organic solvents

Change of administrative levels in the work environment evaluation criteria


Below are excerpts of changes related to organic solvents.

Name of substance Administrative levels (Before) Administrative levels (After)
Toluene 50 ppm 20 ppm
Cyclohexanone 25 ppm 20 ppm
Tetrahydrofuran 200 ppm 50 ppm
Trichloroethylene 25 ppm 10 ppm
Chloroform 10 ppm 3 ppm


* For more information, please contact the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

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