Urethane thinner


Product name Features

NTX urethane thinner

Environmentally friendly

There are three types: summer version, winter version, and spring / autumn version.

U-500 urethane thinner

For woodwork. Fast drying and strong dissolving power.

U-400 urethane thinner

Standard product for exterior

US urethane thinner

standard products for Industrial

UW urethane thinner

US winter type

No.8 urethane thinner

Slower drying type than US

Paint thinner

Turpen soluble

U Non-Brushing

Antifoggant. Slow drying agent.

U Non-Brushing PM

Late-drying type than “U Non-Brushing”



tin oil can oil drum container tank truck
16L 200L 1000L


Urethane paint and thinner

Urethane paints can be broadly divided into one-part and two-part types.
In both cases, urethane resin (main agent) and isocyanates (curing agent) react to form a coating film.
The one-component type mainly includes moisture-curing type, block type, and oil-modified type.
The two-component type stores the hydroxy component and isocyanate in separate containers,
Some of them are reaction-cured by mixing two liquids before painting.
Recently, there is also a special type called water-based urethane paint.
The thinner does not use water-absorbing solvents such as alcohol or acetone.This is because urethane paints are reactively cured to form a coating film, but if there is moisture, it cannot be cured.
In recent years, one-component urethane paints that are soluble in turpen (paint thinner) have been used in many architectural paints. However, some paints cannot be diluted sufficiently with ordinary paint thinners. In this case, we recommend “paint thinner A”, which has a higher dissolving power.



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