Melamine thinner


product name Feature

NTX Melamine thinner

Environmentally friendly

Melamine thinner

Standard goods

No.5 Melamine thinner

hand wipe electrostatic coating type (standard goods)

No.20 Melamine thinner

A type that dries slower than the standard product

No.25 Melamine thinner

hand wipe electrostatic coating type (No.20 Melamine thinner)


Packing style

tin oil can oil drum container Tank truck
16L 200L 1000L




Melamine paint and thinner

The properties of melamine resin paints are inexpensive and easy to obtain and are used for general baking painting.
One of the features is that the coating film is harder and more durable than lacquer.
In general, melamine alkyd type baking paints are often used.
The main component of melamine thinner is mostly 70% to 90% aromatic hydrocarbons,
Depending on the baking temperature, the type of solvent is changed and the drying is adjusted.
Depending on the resin type of the melamine resin paint, thinner containing thinner or ester is used.
The electrostatic coating type is an alcohol-containing thinner that reduces paint viscosity and improves electrical conductivity.

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