Epoxy thinner


Product name Features

B epoxy thinner

Standard goods. Dries even at room temperature.

C epoxy thinner

Excellent dilution ability.

C epoxy thinner(S)

Slow dry type for summer with excellent dilution ability

Tar epoxy thinner

For tar epoxy type

FKD epoxy thinner

For 2-component epoxy type



tin oil can oil drum container tank truck
16L 200L 1000L


Epoxy paint and thinner

The properties of epoxy paints are excellent in chemical resistance (acid, alkali) and form a hard coating.
Disadvantages are poor weather resistance and unsuitable for outdoor overcoating.
There are roughly two types: room temperature drying type, baking drying type, and powder coating type.
There is tar epoxy paint for room temperature drying type, but it has excellent corrosion resistance and salt water resistance.
In addition, there are those that can be thickly coated, and are used as long-term protective films.
Use thinner that is relatively quick to dry.
The baking dry type is often used as a base coating for baking metal surfaces.
Usually, baking is performed at 130 ° C to 160 ° C, so use a thinner that is slow to dry.
Powder paint molds are also baked at 150 to 180 ° C, but thinner is not used.

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