Acryl thinner


Product name Feature

RP-10Acryl thinner

Standard goods. For floor and exterior paint

SR-20Acryl thinner

Products focused on viscosity adjustment (decreasing viscosity)

RS-15For exterior thinner

Low cost because it is a recovered and distilled product



tin oil can oil drum container tank truck
16L 200L 1000L


Acrylic resin paint and thinner

The characteristics of acrylic resin paints are that the resin is colorless and transparent with little yellowing and good weather resistance.
There are two types: room temperature drying type and baking drying type.
The room temperature dry type has good gloss retention,
Acrylic lacquer is used for repairing woodwork and automobiles.
Acrylic modified alkyd type is mainly used for architectural painting.
The baking acrylic type can be baked at high temperatures, has good corrosion resistance, and is used for household appliances and automobiles.
For acrylic thinner, products with high dissolving power such as aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones and esters are used.



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