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<NTX series>

With the acquisition of ISO and revision of the Building Standards Law, paints and thinners that do not fall under the PRTR Law are required. NTX series does not include substances specified in the PRTR Law and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) specified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, such as toluene and xylene in accordance with the revised Building Standards Law, for all grades.

Lacquer thinner

Dilutant mainly for lacquer (containing nitrocellulose) paint. Also for metal degreasing, brushing, and painting equipment cleaning. Drying is fast in the thinner.

Urethane thinner

Diluent for urethane resin paint. High solubility in urethane resin.

Epoxy thinner

Epoxy resin paint diluent.

Acrylic thinner

Diluent for acrylic resin paint. Drying is a little slower than lacquer thinner.

Melamine thinner

Diluent for melamine resin paint.

Cleaning thinner

Cleaning agent for paint equipment when changing paint color or after use.
For degreasing and cleaning before painting.
Drying is fast.

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