Eta Cohol PT-T3

Environment compatible dampening water additive



>Environment compatible dampening water additive for offset printing.
Higher water supply aptitude than IPA(Isopropyl alcohol) or Ethanol.
Since it does not contain Prevention Law* applicable ingredients such as IPA, it is ideal for improving working environment and certification acquisition activities such as ISO.



  • Can be used as same as IPA in both quantitative contamination control and PH contamination control.
  • Can lower the surface tension of the dampening water equivalent to the IPA. Water be can squeezed to the limit.
  • Corresponds to various laws and regulations and not limited by usage amount. Ideal for ISO measures.




Eta Cohol PT-T3

Fire services act Class 4 Petroleum No.1
(Soluble in water)
Prevention Law * N/A
Remarks Can squeeze water than IPA

*……Ordinance on Prevention of Organic Solvent Poisoning

※Please refer to our product safety sheet (SDS) when using.




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