petrochemicals for printing




As ink cleaning agent, flux detergent, metal mask detergent for offset printing, screen process printing, photogravure printing


Wide variety of line up enables you to chose the most suitable solution for each types of ink and washing method.
We also provide environment compatible type solvent which matches ISO standard, green purchasing law, industrial safety and health law, ordinance on the prevention of organic solvent poisoning and working environment measurement.


Core grades

Brand name Features Usages

Mineral Clean

low cost general-purpose ink cleaner
oiliness ink washing oil
ink roller detergent
blanket detergent

San Clean & HI San Clean

all grades are not applicable for PRTR Law and Ordinance on the Prevention of Organic Solvent Poisoning
chlorinated solvent・white gasoline replacement
ink roller detergent
blanket detergent
Environment compatible


100% plant-derived Environment compatible ink detergent

Blanket Recoverer

long-selling item of blanket recoverer blanket recoverer
blanket detergent


for label printing, film printing,
metal printing・waterless lithographic printing etc.
UV ink detergent
general-purpose item・Environment compatible

Water Jet

detergent exclusive for dampening roller (water rod)

San Silk

detergent for silkscreen mold
washing off clogging
detergent for silkscreen printing
silk screen printing
ink washer

San Mesh

detergent for electronic industry metal mask
solder paste detergent
flux detergent

Etacohol PT

5% regulation compatible alcohol damping water
general use・environment compatible
Please contact for photogravure printing



※About substitute for IPA damping water※

IPA has been used for ages as surface tension conditioner of damping water for offset printing.
However, laws such as PRTR and “Ordinance on Prevention of Hazards due to Specified Chemical Substances”,
“Green purchasing law” make it difficult to use IPA.
We recommend Etacohol PT as substitute which require no changes at water section apparatus.



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