Repairsolve S

Eco-friendly Stripper

 Water-based, non-hazardous, non-chlorine, high clay type


Japanese government MLIT office New technology information provision system (NETlS) Registered items 



Penetration and properties

Peeling of Building, Bridge, Pool & Wood painting, Removal of asbestos-containing coating film & lead-containing coating film




Repair sorb is a water-based release agent. Because it has high biodegradability, it contributes to creating a safe working environment with less impact on workers and the environment.
In addition, compared with conventional chlorine type release agent, it has high permeability to multilayer coating film, and it can peel off multiple coating films at once. Peeling by repair sorb is peeled off the coating film like a wet sheet, so the coating film does not scatter at the time of peeling and recovery of the coating film is easy.


Strong peeling with Eco-Friendly

Even though it is dichloromethane-free, it is effective for every paint and it can be peeled off strongly.


Extremely low odor

Because there is low odor, workers friendly and can work with consideration for the surrounding environment.


Non-dangerous goods

Because of non-dangerous goods under the JP Law, it’s prevent fire accidents caused by fire and static electricity.


Excellent in economy

Compared to the blasting method etc., it is easy to take measures against scattering of paint ducts containing harmful sub stances such as lead and asbestos, and it is possible to reduce labor costs and secondary equipment costs. In addition, it is inexpensive and abundant in packaging as an aqueous release agent.


No dripping High viscosity type

Because it has appropriate viscosity so as not to drip, it is suitable for brush coating and spray blowing, so you can work safely. No peeling gas will be scattered.




Standard peeling time

You will be able to Phthalic acid-based paints and chlorinated rubber-based paints become wet sheet state (peel able state) in about 5 to 8 hours from application, while heavy anticorrosive paints (epoxy type, urethane type, fluorine type) are peeled off in about 18 to 24 hours.

Standard coating amount: 0.7 to 1. 0 kg / m 2 (per application)
Maximum coating thickness: 5001. μm (maximum coating thickness per one time)


3hr <peeling>

Lacquer, acrylic lacquer paint


5~8hr <peeling>

Phthalic acid, chlorinated rubber type paint
※ Please test the aptitude condition / time at the site beforehand.
※ Condition varies depending on the condition of coating film and temperature.
※ The photograph was taken of a preliminary test to the phthalic acid type paint used for painting iron gate.


12~18hr <peeling>

Melamine resin paint, Organic zinc rich paint, Lead-b. rust preventive paint


18~24hr <peeling>

Heavy anticorrosion paint (poxy, urethane, fluorine)



Coating method

1. Before using, shake the can lightly and stir.

2. Please apply the release agent uniformly with reference to the standard coating amount using a brush, a roller, or spray gun.

3. Depending on the type of coating and the material, the application time will vary.

4.When the coating film softens and rises, scrape it off with a scraper or a spatula.

5. If it cannot be removed by one operation (when the film thickness is thick), repeat the process.

6. After removal, please wipe off with paper soaked with water or solvent etc. (our product: Etakol7) .

※Please Read Carefully Safety Date Sheet(SDS)for Precautionary Instructions before Use.




System: water non-hazardous materials, non-chlorine type, high viscosity type

Color phase  : milky white

Flammability  : None

Odor         : Extremely low odor

Liquid property: weakly acidic
Packing: 4 kg (can), 16 kg (can), 200 kg (drum)



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