Non Toluen Xylene -NTX series-




◆Diluent, abluent for various paint◆

Degreasing machining oil
Wiping off resin
Finish cleaning UV resist ink, photo resist ink
Wiping off PS, PET, PC, Carbon
Cleaning ink-jet ink
Removing double sided tape
Removing blue layout ink



The entire NTX series do not contain designated substance to measure under laws and regulations in Japan.
VOC such as Toluene and Xylene attending PRTR law and revised building standard law are not included.




rounf tin can tin oil can oil drum container tank truck
一斗缶 ドラム缶 タンクローリー


16L 200L 1000L



Core grades

Product name Features

NTX eco thinner

Thinner inapplicable to Ordinance on the Prevention of Organic Solvent Poisoning (JP)

NTX lacquer thinner

Thinner for lacquer resin (main component : cellulose nitrate)
intermediate dissolving power

NTX urethane thinner

Thinner for one-pack, two-pack urethane
3types for each season(M:Spring/Fall、S:Summer、W:Winter)

NTX epoxy thinner

For most epoxy coating
(Disable for isocyanate base epoxy coating)

NTX washing thinner

Degreasing, washing before painting and washing tools after painting
Fast drying property, low odor

NTX adhesive abluent, diluent

Thinner for adhesive and can be used for peeling and washing

eco painting thinner

Thinner for terpen soluble paint, diluted with a weak solvent


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