FineSolve E

Industrial Detergent, Resin solvent



  • Washing and removing various paints, ink, adhesive, fat and oil, resist, rubber etc.
  • Dissolving resins such as Acrylic, Urethan, Epoxy etc.
  • Washing painting jig, metallic molding, metal parts.
  • As detergent for appliances used to manufacture adhesive. (as substitute for Toluene, Xylene)
  • Smoothing agent for resin and rubber.
  • Washing FRP and Unsaturated polyester. (as substitute for Acetone)


Can be used as substitute for following organic solvents

  • Acetone
  • MEK
  • Toluene
  • Dichloromethane (Methyl chloride)
  • Ethyl acetate
  • Methyl cellosolve




Since it is aromatic free, it has low odor, low toxicity and high safety.
Fast drying property and excellent permeability.





round tin can tin oil can oil drum container
一斗缶 ドラム缶


16L 210KG 1000L



Physical property

FineSolve E

specific gravity 1.05
boiling point(℃) over 78
flash point(℃) 15
ignition point(℃) 370
fire services act     Class 1 petroleums  No.4
control Law N/A
prevention Law N/A

Control Law=Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law

Prevention Law=Ordinance on the Prevention of Organic Solvent Poisoning



Dissolubility data

Dissolubility data of Fine Solve E.

A:Easily dissolves without heating

B:Easily dissolves with heating (at 60℃)

C:Hardly dissolves even when heated

Classification Type Rating


Bisphenol A type(liquid) A
Alicyclic(liquid) A
Bisphenol A type(solid) B
Bromination(solid) B


Resol A
Novolac B
Epoxy solution A
Butylated urea A


Methylated melamine A
Butylated melamine A
Methylated melamine (N.V.60%) A
Short-oil soybean oil A


Short-oil palm oil A
Short-oil dehydrated castor oil A
Middle-oil linseed oil A
Long-oil soybean oil A


Amino bismaleimide C
Bismaleimide triazine C

Unsaturated polyester

Iso A

Tall-oil fatty acid

Resin acid 1.0% A
Resin acid 8.0% A

Fat and oil

Linseed oil A
Soybean oil A
Tung oil A


Softening point 115℃ C
Terpene phenol copolymer B

Petroleum resin

Cyclopentadiene system C
Aromatic system B

Natural resin

Purified bleached lac C
Wood rosin B
Rosin glycerin ester B
Rosin modified phenol C


Air-dry A


Wax(mp.50~52℃) C
Nitrocellulose B
Reversible agent A
Polypropylene glycol A
Phosphorus compound A

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