Washing agents for industrial usage

List of washing agent for individual purpose

>>Environmentally Friendly Alternatives-list of washing agent for individual purpose


washing and degreasing of metal surface

washing and degreasing of metal surface Metal cleaner series

Finezol CIII series

concerning to paints and painting

washing and degreasing of metal surface
washing implements of painting Fine solve series 
NTX thinner for washing
Regina series 
lacquer thinner
urethane thinner
spalling paints attached to jigs Fine solve series 
Regina series 
Coating wiper 
Cleaning the dispenser nozzle Zolcus

concerning to parts of electronics and electric machine

washing printed circuit board or flux San Mesh series
washing resists PAK cleaner
Fine solve RG

concerning to metal molding

washing plastics and resins NH solvent
Metal cleaner 680
washing metal mold Fine solve series 
Coating wiper 
Regina series

concerning to printing

washing inks MFK cleaner
washing print screen SanSilk series

concerning to cleaning

stain removing of dry goods SanBeam series
cleaning textile

concerning to adhesives

dilution of adhesives dilution agents series of adhesives
washing adhesives Fine solve series 
Coating wiper series 
Regina series

ethanol for washing

washing various matter washing agent for electronics parts F-1
Eta Cohol 7

washing for ultrasonic washer

wash out paints or resins Zolcus series 
Ecolo-Sol series 
Regina DEG-60


We, mainly industrial washing agents, manufacture many kinds of washing agents and make consulting also toward your need in order to propose the most suitable agents for you. And also, we are manufacturing many kinds of such products as environmental load reducing products demanded by ISO14001, products corresponding to protect environment out of control of the PRTR Law or the Industrial Safety and Health Law etc. As an OEM production of alternative of methylene chloride or alternatives of toluene and/or xylene etc. is one of our business, please ask us on this matter too.

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