privacy policy

SANKYO CHEICAL Co., Ltd. (“we” in the following) obey the laws concerning information of individuals and the other criterion and do our best to protect important information of the customers.


Our collection information of individuals

We collect information of individuals within the limit of necessity in the following cases:

  • when customers send a questionnaire to us.
  • when customers demand us services.


About the purpose of using information of individual

We use the information of the customers for the purposes as following:

  • to correspond to our customers
  • to correspond to our customers
  • to serve our customers


Disclosure of information of individuals to the third party

We would never disclose information of customers to the third party except following cases:

  • in case of customer’s agreement
  • demands from police or other official department
  • in case of application of laws


Disclosure and correction etc. of information of individuals

when customer demand disclosure, correction ,delete or others, we surely accept your demands.


A reference about our policy on protection of information of individuals

SANKYO CHEMICAL Co., Ltd. General affairs department

telephone: +81-52-931-3111
facsimile: +81-52-931-0976

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